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Sumitra Sansthan is implementing Target Intervention Project in two districts of Uttar Pradesh - Hamirpur and Kanpur Dehat – and two districts of Madhya Pradesh - Chhatarpur and Sagar. Through these projects the organisation is reaching 3,000 people, out of whom 800 are MSMs, 1,000 FSWs, 200 transgenders and 800 IDUs. These projects are being implemented with the support of National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO), India.

The objectives of TI programmes as per National AIDS Control Plan III are:

  • Saturation of the coverage of high risk groups through greater involvement of community based organisations and extensive network of institutions both in public and private sectors;
  • Greater focus on changing attitudes and behaviour of vulnerable sections of general population to prevent transmission;
  • Comprehensive care, support and treatment with adequate follow up measures;
  • Providing high quality HIV related services to those who need at various levels;
  • Creation of appropriate mechanisms and capacities at national, state and district levels to implement and monitor the interventions.

The organisation is only creating awareness about HIV/AIDS among target groups. Additionally, it provides services for treatment of STDs. The major activities include:

  • Awareness generation about HIV/AIDS
  • Counselling services for STDs/HIV/AIDS prevention
  • Outreach and communication
  • Promotion/distribution of free condoms and other commodities like lubricants for MSMa, needles/syringes for IDUs
  • Linkages to STI (sexually transmitted infection) services with a strong referral and follow up system
  • Linkages to other health services (for example, for TB) and Integrated Counselling and Testing Centres (ICTC)
  • Provision of safe spaces (drop-in-centres or DICs)
  • Creating an enabling environment including advocacy with key stakeholders/power structures, crisis management systems and Legal/Rights education
  • Community mobilisation for building community ownership of the TI’s objectives (community here refers to the HRGs: FSWs, MSMs and IDUs) and building capacity of community groups to assume ownership of the programme
  • Regular Medical Health check-up camps in the target areas

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Comprehensive Abortion Care

The organisation is implementing Comprehensive Abortion Care project with the support of IPAS Development Foundation in Meerut, Agra and Jhansi regions of Uttar Pradesh. The basic purpose of intervention is to reduce incidences of death during abortion. The project intervention is also aiming to create awareness on safe abortion and importance of good health. In this direction, the organisation also facilitates and conducts range of capacity building training programme for MBSS doctors in the project area. Total of 12 days long training programmes were held by the organisation.

Elimination of Mosquito Borne Diseases

The organisation has been implementing Elimination of Mosquito Borne Endemic Diseases project with the support of Family Health India through Godrej CSR fund in 250 high API/malaria endemic villages of Singrauli district in the state of Madhya Pradesh. In general, the organisation works on preventive health care measures and creating awareness among community members about medical checkup rather than opting for traditional health practices for curative purpose. The organisation is focusing on community mobilisation and behavioural change communication approaches for awareness generation among community members.

Vihaan – Interventions with HIV Positive People

This intervention is being carried out with 2,000 HIV positive people in Jhansi. The goal of the intervention is to improve the survival and quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS. The objectives are:

  1. Early linkages of PLHIV to care, support and treatment services
  2. Improved treatment adherence
  3. Improved social protection and wellbeing of PLHIV
  4. Strengthen community systems and reduced stigma and discrimination