Sumitra Samajik Kalyan Sansthan

Our Approach

our approach

Sumitra Sansthan believes in the approach of making youth and adolescents aware and gaining their support towards development issues and making them active citizen for demanding transparency and accountability. SSKS empower the poor and marginalized to enable them to demand their rights and entitlements and provide support in their efforts of advocacy for an effective and accountable state.

  • Self-help movement by promotion of self-help groups, federation and cooperative structure
  • Promotion of need based and local resource based livelihood
  • Promotion of micro credit and micro enterprises
  • Women empowerment, gender development and entitlement access
  • Mass mobilisation and campaigning for food security, drought and livelihood issues
  • Promotion of self-governance through strengthening of panchayati raj institutions
  • Child rights with focus on dalits, minorities and girls
  • Education rights with focus on girls and dalit children
  • Health rights – reproductive and child health/HIV and AIDS