Sumitra Samajik Kalyan Sansthan

Goal and Objectives

goal and objectives

Strengthen governance, facilitate assertion and collectivisation towards accessing services/facilities and empowerment of low income, hard to reach population. SSKS does this through organised, well-planned and comprehensive programmes in health, livelihood, water and sanitation, climate change and disaster preparedness and response. The organisation also focuses on capacity building and generation and sharing of knowledge with diverse stakeholders to influence sustainable impact at scale.

The broad objectives are:

  • To ensure access of poor and marginalized sections of community, especially of women, dalits, minorities, to common resources, basic needs and essential services.
  • To enhance the skill of the poor especially youth, women and adolescents towards self-employment and jobs.
  • To work towards protection and safeguarding of rights of women, girls and children.
  • To form and strengthen community based organizations for creating social, economic and political environment for supporting an equitable society.
  • To empower local communities and groups to actively participate in planning and implementation of local development programmes.
  • To develop institutional linkage with government departments and encourage community organization for partnering in government programmes, ensuring entitlements and leverage resources.
  • To strengthen governance systems to ensure that marginalized communities are able to practice their rights.
  • To promote risk reduction and disaster preparedness programmes to reduce the vulnerability of local communities towards natural disasters or calamities.
  • To support sustainable natural resource management focused initiatives to improve the livelihoods of the socially marginalized groups including poor women, tribals and dalits.
  • To promote organic farming practices with the support of small and marginal farmers
  • To support in bringing the issue of a right to live in a healthy environment for all people
  • To facilitate the development of appropriate technologies, products and approaches that are responsive to the needs of the local community.